The Block - who should win

Had trouble lately trying to get a tradie in? Clearly, they’re all down in Melbourne working on The Block.

Or sitting at home watching The Block and bitching and moaning that the amateur home renovators on that show are just so, well, amateur.

As the four competing couples corralled by Scott Cam raced down to the wire to finish their houses on last Sunday’s episode, there were so many tradesmen clambering about I could hardly see the sponsor logos.

And here was I thinking Australia had just one plumber and one electrician, which seemed the only logical explanation for why it takes a week or more for them to show up at your place after you’ve called.

After two months of gruelling renovations on four demolition-worthy Victorian-era cottages in a tiny side street in Richmond, we finally see The Block properties go under the hammer Sunday (from 6.30pm on NBN).

Whichever couple secures the biggest profit on their house wins The Block, and pockets $100,000.

But Jenna and Josh are already winners.

We know this because everybody knows their names.

I had a couple of DIY handymen at my place recently to put up an interior wall and Jenna and Josh were all they talked about.

Admittedly, these blokes – let’s call them Geoff and Gary – called each other “Josh” or “Jenna” as insults whenever something went wrong.

A nail hammered through plasterboard misses the beam – “Good one Jenna”.

A nail hammered through plasterboard strikes hardwood – “Onya Josh”.

Yes, it’s a cruel business, this reality TV. But as Oscar Wilde observed oh-so presciently in the pre-Kardashian period, there’s only one thing in life worse than being talked about:

not being talked about.

So, even if their house doesn’t fetch the best price tomorrow, plumber Josh, 24, and hairdresser Jenna, 23, are already The Block’s breakout brand-name stars.

We know this because they already appear in a McCafe ad. And not as the McBaristas. Not yet anyway.

Over to you, now. Who should win The Block? Who shouldn’t? Who will? And why? What have you liked most about the 2011 series? Or maybe you have given The Block a wide berth. Share your thoughts here.

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