Little Grimley Returns | Theatrical revival

Little Grimley returns

Theatregoers who enjoyed the short comedy Last Tango in Little Grimley will be able to see its sequel, Last Panto in Little Grimley, in August, as part of a comedy triple bill from new theatre company Black Sheep Theatre. 

Actor-director Timothy Blundell, who is behind the new company, is presenting the triple bill at Newcastle CBD’s Royal Exchange from August 23 to 26.

The program includes two works by the writer who gave Little Grimley fame, David Tristram, with the other, Joining the Club, about a husband and wife facing parenthood.

The third play, Master of Puppets, by Jeffrey Harr, has a school teacher using puppets to show senior students how to communicate. The actors include Cathy Heyne, Jan Hunt, Oliver MacFadyen, Annie Wilson, Michael Blaxland, and Blundell.

Theatrical revival

Two plays which began life in Newcastle have had success in Sydney. Pamela Whalan’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s romantic novel Emma, which premiered last year at Hamilton’s DAPA Theatre, received strong reviews when it opened at the Genesian Theatre on July 8.

And Between Worlds, a musical that composer Gareth Hudson and writer Nick Higginbotham built around Captain James Cook’s contact with Hawaiians on his last voyage, had three virtually sold-out workshop performances at the Australian Theatre for Young People on Saturday and Sunday, after being picked up in 2015 for development by New Musicals Australia.