Women drivers' thrilling habits

Men choose to drive, and women choose men to drive, because women are lousy drivers.

It has nothing to do, as I explain in my column today, with manliness, or women's petal-like delicacy, or etiquette.

No. It is nothing more or nothing less than the universally obvious fact that women are a menace on the road.

Let's, over the next few days, compile a list of women's driving habits. And there's no reason why women can't contribute, because they know themselves to be wary of other women drivers.

I'll kick it off with my top 10 thrilling women-driving peculiarities.

1. Racing off from the lights then slowing to the speed limit or below when they've changed into your lane.

2. Stopping or slowing to a crawl unnecessarily at roundabouts.

3. Waiting forever to turn right while we are caught behind them.

4. Careering to a halt at the first bell at railway gates when the 10 cars behind could have got through comfortably.

5. Blocking the lane when they stop halfway into a driveway or a corner while they consider their options.

6. Stopping behind a car turning right then putting the blinker on in an attempt to break into the stream of cars that didn't stop unnecessarily.

7. Slowing to the advisory speed for bends.

8. Take umpteen attempts to reverse into a park while we wait.

9. Waiting as the first car in line behind a women trying to reverse park, thereby forcing the rest of us to wait too.

10. Refusing to overtake a semi-trailer in the other lane on a multi-lane road, trapping us all indefinitely.

We should see the use of the horn in all these circumstances as an educational tool.

Can you add to the list?

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