Newcastle Beachwatch with Dave Anderson: Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beach watch

No let up in the strong onshore wind flow.

Beaches are beginning to re-shape with sand building in the southern corners. Tide going high mid-morning.

Swell from the wast to N/E at 1 to 1.5 metres.

Wind strong at times out of the east to N/E as well.

There are banks starting to form at Newcastle beach and Cliff. 

Try Bar Reef on high. 

Redhead, Frenchmans and Ghosties further to the south. Birubi up at Port Stephens.

Sweeps running to the south and northern corners best for a swim.

Water temperature is down a touch on 17C.

- Dave Anderson

Hunter boating

Winds: Northeasterly 15 to 20 knots turning northerly 20 to 25 knots during the day, reaching 30 knots in the evening

Seas: 1.5 to 2.5 metres

Swell: Northeasterly 1 to 1.5 metres

Weather: Partly cloudy

Newcastle shipping


Yesterday: Equinox Melida 6am, Ishizuchi 8.45am, North Fortune 12.50pm, Kokopo Chief 12.52pm, New Stage 6.54pm, Mitose 7pm. Today: Ns Silver 12.01am, Nicole 3.30am, Noshiro Maru 5.15am, Highland Chief 10am, Red Rose 10.45am, Golden Aspirant 2pm, Asphalt Transporter 3pm, Shoyoh 5.45pm, Ocean Bloom 11pm.


Yesterday: Red Rose 6.05am, Ns Silver 7.40am, Golden Aspirant 8.18am, Highland Chief 9.06am, Nicole 11.42am, Noshiro Maru 12.20pm, Asphalt Transporter 4pm, Shoyoh 8.30pm. Today: Duke Orsino 6.30am, African Harrier 3pm, Ocean Master 7.15pm, Ningbo Seal 7.45pm. 


Air quality

Wallsend Good

Newcastle Good

Beresfield Good

Muswellbrook Good

Singleton Very good

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