Newcastle Beachwatch with Dave Anderson: November 22, 2017


Another day of onshore winds and the swell is starting to drop with smaller choppy conditions. The better waves will be towards the late morning high on the reefs. Swells are coming in from the east at one metre. Winds are light and variable, south-east to north-east. Tides are coming off a low first up, and check The Alley, South Bar and Dixon.Try Bar Reef on the full tide. To the south Redhead, Hams and Catherine Hill Bay or Birubi and One Mile up at Port Stephens. There is a cold current and it’s fresh in for a swim. Slight sweeps are running to the south, causing the southern corners to sand up. The water temperature is 16 degrees.


Winds East to southeasterly 10 to 15 knots becoming east to northeasterly about 10 knots in the late afternoon. Seas Around 1 metre, decreasing below 1 metre during the morning. Swell Easterly around 1 metre inshore, increasing to 1 to 1.5 metres offshore north of Norah Head. ​Weather Partly cloudy. 70% chance of showers. The chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon.



Yesterday: China Steel Sustainability, 7.15am; HL Sines, 10.06am; Highland Chief, 10.012am; Cemtex Pioneer, 12.42pm; Corona Frontier, 2.45pm; Nord Penguin, 11.45pm. 

Today: Graecia Aeterna, 5am; Shinchi Maru, 7am; Warnow Jupiter, 2.30pm; Shin Koho, 3pm; GNS Harmony, 5pm; Angel, 6pm; Cemtex Prudence, 8pm; Amami, 9.15pm; Kokopo Chief, 9.45pm. 


Yesterday: Ishizuchi, 7.20am; Shoryu, 1.03pm; HL Roberts Bank, 9.49pm; Chou Shan, 9.49pm. 

Today: Legato II, 3am; China Steel Sustainability, 10.30am; Corona Frontier, 12.15pm; BBC Wisconsin, 12.15pm; Cemtex Pioneer, 1pm; Szechuen, 7pm; Highland Chief, 8.15pm; Shin Koho, 11.45pm. 


Wallsend Good Newcastle Good Beresfield Good Muswellbrook Good Singleton Very Good