TOPICS: Waking the region

FIT: Lizz Wells is mud-ready.  Picture: Darren Pateman
FIT: Lizz Wells is mud-ready. Picture: Darren Pateman
LAUNCH: NX-FM’s new breakfast show hosts Heath Piper, left, and Normy Dorrell in Newcastle.  Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

LAUNCH: NX-FM’s new breakfast show hosts Heath Piper, left, and Normy Dorrell in Newcastle. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

NEW NX-FM breakfast co-hosts Heath Piper and Normy Dorrell will be on air from Monday.

Topics had wine, a chat and some fine food with the duo yesterday lunchtime. Oh and we did pop some work in there too.

Here’s five quick questions with the lads.

1. How far does this beautiful union go back? 

Normy: We’ve known each other since we were 12 years old. We both went to Blaxland High in the Blue Mountains.

2. How are you going to wake up at 4.30am each morning for the shift?

Heath: Is it too early for my fiancee to get up and help me with the morning activities?

Normy: Heath used to wake me up when we lived together. It’s possible I won’t be there for the first two months.

3. Biggest on-air gaffe?

Heath: When we were on air in Albury we had a segment called the Friday Fry Up where we would eat pigs’ testicles and things like that. I had to eat the hottest chilli in the world and vomited in a nearby bin shortly after.

Normy: I  fell asleep on air once when Heath went to the toilet.

4. What’s your secret to being perky in the early hours?

Heath: I play to the conditions. I figure there’s other people out there who are angry too.

Normy: It’s just a lucky dip at that hour. You’re never perky every morning, but working with your best mate helps.

5. Favourite lollies?

Heath: Soft Redskins. They can’t be hard.

Normy: Anyone who doesn’t love Sherbies is not a friend of mine. The Milko has to go though ... they’re awful.

Newlyweds get dirty for charity

NEW bride Lizz Wells is not afraid of a bit of mud.

In fact, she’s about to run and dive and basically bathe in it for the annual Mud Run in Sydney next month.

The 25-year-old, who married Nick Wells just three weeks ago at Pokolbin, has put almost as much prep work into the run as her wedding day.

‘‘In April I realised I better get fit so I started going to the gym, running and doing aerobics,’’ Mrs Wells said.

The university student has lost nine kilograms during preparation for the seven-kilometre run, in which thousands of participants will tackle a mud-ridden course at Sydney International Equestrian Centre on December 1.

‘‘The mud doesn’t bother me. I think it will be hilarious,’’ Mrs Wells said.

‘‘Nick and I are going to take a fun, light-hearted approach to the event.’’

However, there is a more serious note to Mrs Wells getting down and extremely dirty. 

She hopes to raise more than $700 for the Cancer Council and has set up the web page

Her dad, Joe Laurin, is in remission for prostate cancer and recently got past the 12 months post-treatment mark.

Puzzling conundrums

 TOPICS is always out to lend a hand. We can’t exactly solve the world’s problems but we can talk rubbish.

Faithful reader Maree Raftos recently wrote in to us asking some important questions.

It seems Maree has been busy growing her own herbs, salad greens and vegetables.

However, she’d been puzzling over whether to    put the cuttings

 in the garden bin or food waste.

Newcastle City Council confirmed all food and kitchen scraps go in the general-waste bin. 

The material collected in the green-waste bin is mulched, not composted. 

And just when we thought all questions had gone to ground (sorry, bad pun), Maree came up with another perplexing query. 

‘‘Why does my Spray and Wipe have an expiry date?

What will happen to it or to whatever I’m cleaning if it’s ‘expired’?’’ Maree wants to know. 


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