LETTERS: Courage finds  reward

 JULIA Gillard has announced a royal commission into child sexual abuse in Australia!

Thank you to Joanne McCarthy, the Newcastle Herald and David Shoebridge for their amazing skills and unending efforts  plugging away for the royal commission for many years. Long live the newspaper!

Thank you to Greg Piper for voicing his support as soon as it was called upon.   

Cardinal Pell and the Australian Catholic Bishops Alliance are also supporting the royal commission now, although protesting that child sex abuse is not systemic within the Catholic Church and is rather confined to some orders and diocese.  They are also feeling hard done by, by some sections of the media.  

Thank you to courageous Peter Fox, who spearheaded the campaign, and Peter FitzSimons, who gave up his Sunday morning to come to the Newcastle rally that was called soon after the tragic death  of John Pirona. He reminded us of what good men do.

Thank you to good men like Bob O’Toole, who have been supporting victims for many years. We are waiting  to see the form that the royal commission takes.   

Angela Barry



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