Taser man's family want police to face charges

THE police officers involved in the ''thuggish'' conduct that a coroner said contributed to Roberto Laudisio Curti's death should be ''locked up'', some of his family say.

In an interview with 60 Minutes, to be aired tonight, Curti's family speak of their frustration at the apparent lack of thought and care exhibited by the officers, who they believe should be charged over the death of their beloved ''Beto''.

Curti was chased, stunned by Tasers, sprayed with capsicum spray, handcuffed and restrained by up to seven police at once, in what a coroner described as ''reckless, careless, dangerous and excessively forceful'' conduct by ''thuggish'' officers.

The young man's sisters, Ana Luisa Laudisio de Lucca and Maria Fernanda Laudisio de Lucca, at times found it difficult to contain their frustration at the evidence they were hearing during last month's inquest into Curti's death in March.

''I wish I could have just arrived on the scene and just said 'Everyone, stop! You guys are crazy!''' Ana Luisa said in the interview.

''It's just hard to think that people didn't just use their brains, didn't think, what are we doing here?''

The State Coroner, Mary Jerram, handed down a damning indictment of the incident last week, describing the officers as behaving like ''the schoolboys in Lord of the Flies''. She has asked the independent police watchdog, the Police Integrity Commission, to launch another inquiry.

In a statement on Friday, the PIC said it would be investigating ''whether there was any serious police misconduct or criminal conduct by NSW Police Force officers in the pursuit and restraint'' of Curti.

The family is unhappy nobody will be prosecuted for Curti's death.

''This incident should be treated as anyone attacking someone on the street and I think the consequences for that are, I don't know, charges of assault, some sort of criminal charges,'' Ana Luisa said.

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