LETTER: Petrol prices pumped

I HAVE loved Newcastle ever since moving here in 2003, but we seem to accept  the prices we pay here.

My biggest pet hate is how much  we pay for petrol. I have been travelling to Sydney for the past few weeks. Every time the train travels past Epping Station the prices at petrol stations around there are between 12¢ to 16¢ a litre less than in Newcastle.

Last week I was flabbergasted. The price of petrol was $1.29  for E10, the same as Hornsby. Tuggerah was at  $1.39 and Newcastle petrol stations were still charging about $1.45.

That was a staggering amount per litre more than Sydney, and 6¢ more than Tuggerah.

Enough is enough, Newcastle. Stand up to these petrol companies. In my opinion, supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths are making you pay for your discounts with their vouchers. It’s funny how the vouchers are now 10¢ and going up to 18¢ and 20¢ off petrol, depending on what you buy.

I believe it’s time to change your shopping habits and whom you buy petrol from.

 Brett Birse, Swansea

Petrol prices vary greatly.

Petrol prices vary greatly.


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