Stonefield: Coming of age

HANNAH Findlay could not comprehend until she was en route to England that her family band, Stonefield, was going to perform at the world-renowned Glastonbury Festival.

‘‘We realised how big the festival was, but we didn’t believe we were playing at it until we were sitting on a plane to go there,’’ Findlay told H2 Review.

‘‘It was just an unbelievable experience –  to [have it] happen so early in our career as well was just really, really awesome.’’ 

Perhaps just as unbelievable is the band’s career, which began when the four teenaged sisters won the 2010 Triple J Unearthed High contest with their song Foreign Lover.

Six years ago, the girls’ parents, who were fans of Zappa, Hendrix and Zeppelin, gave a drumkit to Amy, then aged 15.

The other sisters soon gravitated to their own instruments – Hannah, 19, on guitar, Sarah, 17, on keyboard and Holly, 14, on bass – and then started playing as a band under the guidance of their  neighbour, a music teacher, who still educates Sarah and Holly.

They rehearsed in the shed on their parents’ Darraweit Guim hobby farm in rural Victoria and played small community gigs.

The turning point came after a family holiday to the US, which included the Jam Cruise along the Caribbean featuring Frank Zappa’s son Dweezil’s band.

‘‘We were just opened up to heaps of new music and we came back and were all inspired and wrote this song [Foreign Lover],’’ Findlay said.

‘‘Amy was doing a project for uni and had to record a song and get some help with production and stuff, so we used that song and recorded it then.’’

The sisters entered the song the night before the Triple J competition closed and didn’t think they had a chance.

‘‘So you can imagine how excited we were when we actually won it,’’ she said.

‘‘We were all just in the lounge room getting ready for school with the radio on and then the phone rang and we were like ‘Oh my gosh’ and I think Holly was screaming.’’

The sisters recorded their EP Through The Clover and last year signed a record deal with the Wunderkind label.

They toured Australia, performed at the Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles and at Glastonbury alongside U2, Beyonce and other superstars.

 Stonefield will perform at The Cambridge tomorrow night as part of the  Your Festival,

The path to Glastonbury is barely believable for the four young sisters who make up headline act Stonefield.

The path to Glastonbury is barely believable for the four young sisters who make up headline act Stonefield.