Cabbie pays $11k for anti-gay spray

A NEWCASTLE cabbie who vilified homosexuals on an internet blog has been ordered to pay gay rights activist Gary Burns $11,000 and make a second public apology in six years.

John Christopher Sunol wrote on his blog that the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras was a ‘‘child molesters and pedophiles event’’ and described an activist who lodged a previous complaint, and who has since died, as a ‘‘dirty filthy poof’’.

Mr Sunol also wrote that Mr Burns ‘‘and his poofy followers are Lui [sic] the fly and I will be the Mortein that cleans the world of this disease’’.

The Administrative Decisions Tribunal found that these statements and several others had the capacity to incite hatred or serious contempt against homosexuals.

In two separate judgments, Mr Sunol was ordered to pay Mr Burns $2000 and $3000 as compensation for vilification.

He was also ordered to pay $2500 and $3500 for harm caused by victimisation.

It  is the second time Mr Sunol has been ordered to make a public apology.

He was also found to have vilified homosexuals in 2006, a decision he challenged all the way to the NSW Supreme Court, arguing that NSW anti-discrimination legislation was unconstitutional.

Mr Sunol, a former political aspirant, said on his video blog recently that he had suffered a ‘‘small, slight’’ stroke, had stopped driving a taxi and was now receiving a disability support pension.

He has been ordered to remove material found to have vilified homosexuals or victimised Mr Burns.

Mr Burns was ordered to pay Mr Sunol $4400 in court costs last year after an unsuccessful application for an apprehended violence order.

SAY SORRY: John Christopher Sunol.

SAY SORRY: John Christopher Sunol.