Royal request for Dame Edna as she prepares for final tour

Dame Edna Everage in her stage show <i>Eat, Pray, Laugh</i>.
Dame Edna Everage in her stage show Eat, Pray, Laugh.

Australia's favourite housewife is preparing for retirement, but instead of ordering a caravan and a bulk delivery of chamomile tea she's embarking on an international tour.

Dame Edna, who's been schooling Aussies on all things proper since the 50s, is preparing to stash away her sparkling winged glasses and finish her final bottle of purple rinse as she says goodbye to all her "possums" with the farewell tour Eat Pray Laugh: Barry Humphries Farewell Tour.

She's a bit exhausted though; she was first on the Queen's list with which to share the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby news and already has some advice for the royal family to raise a well-balanced child.

"I didn't get that much sleep last night," she said. "The Queen called me to tell me. Isn't that lovely?

"The royal family are the hardest workers I know. It's not an easy job and they work all the time so I would advise the little bubba to lead a balanced life. Not overdo it and make sure they've got something else."

"What really surprised the Queen was how obsessed Australia was with royalty. She's heard republican murmurings but I told her we love the monarchy, perhaps even more than the English."

It is such golden advice, laughter and even therapy that can be expected at her final shows.

"It's really meant to be inspired by Eat Pray Love," she said, of Elizabeth Gilbert's best-selling spiritual journey novel.

"I added laughter because that's what I like to bestow on my audience. I have a healing and spiritual power.

"People can expect a therapeutic experience. Those who've been before can expect to see the best show I've ever done. As it is my retirement show I'll have to make it better than ever before. I feel it is my duty."

With a show each night between February 1 and 10, the Dame will be visiting during Perth's hottest month, but there'll be not a frazzled hair in sight as she's already planned her itinerary.

"I don't mind the heat," she said. "I love sunny weather and I've been at Perth at this time of year.

"I'll be visiting the market at Fremantle, London Court in the city, Napoleon Street and its shops and the lovely little restaurant Vans on the corner, lunch at Kailis in Leederville and browsing in Muir's bookshop."

Dame Edna will be sharing the stage on the night with her creator manager Barry Humphries and his friends the Honorable Sir Les Patterson and Sandy Stone.

"You won't see me ever again on stage," she said, but insisted it won't be the last people see of her.

"I'll be writing books and above all I haven't finished. This show has to go to England and America yet."

Tickets for Eat Pray Laugh: Barry Humphries Farewell Tour are available through Ticketek.

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