Live T20 cricket: Renegades v Stars

Spin king Shane Warne with  Lasith Malingas.
Spin king Shane Warne with Lasith Malingas.
Short-form superstar Aaron Finch.

Short-form superstar Aaron Finch.

It won't just be the players lighting up Etihad Stadium tonight - the stumps will do their part, too.

It won't just be the players lighting up Etihad Stadium tonight - the stumps will do their part, too.

Big Bash guide

  • Renegades 2-168 (18.2) d Melbourne Stars 5-167.
  • Aaron Finch, Renegades captain, hits 111 off 65 balls, with 12 fours and four sixes, to guide his team to victory.
  • Shane Warne, Stars captain, drops a simple catch, and is hit for 41 runs off two overs.
  • Muttiah Muralitharan's 0-24 off four overs if the cornerstone of tight Renegades' slow bowling, which included unheralded trundlers such as Aaron O'Brien, Dan Harris and Aaron Finch.
  • The crowd of 23,859 enjoyed non-stop, hi-tech entertainment, including motorcycle acrobatics. The number will disappoint officials keen for over 30,000, but represents the best crowd at Etihad Stadium for a Big Bash game.


Renegades 2-168 (18.2) d Melbourne Stars 5-167. Finch 111no Rohrer 29no. Warne 2-0-41-0

Aaron Finch completely dominated the game, biding his time in the opening overs before finding his hitting range. His judicious choice of when to attack the boundaries and when to nudge and run was too much for the Stars, who had posted a respectable but not imposing score on a good pitch.

There will be a lot of commentary on whether Shane Warne is past it after this inglorious night. He dropped a simple catch and was belted for 41 off his two overs. In a match where the Stars had few runs to play with, it proved too much to overcome. A player as great as he is can rebound, even at 43, but it is clear that the younger, match-hardened hiters will target him to counter until he has more overs under his belt.

It may drawing a long bow, but there was something aut Finch tonight which suggested that he, and his team, are a little slighted by the attention given to Warne and the Stars. If so, all the beter, it will make for a great rivalry, and it might have helped create one of the great T20 knocks tonight from the Renegades captain.


Renegades 2-163 (18) Target 167 (8.40 per over). Finch 106no Rohrer 29no. Warne 2-0-41-0
The end is nigh. More nigh than thought. Finch edges for four through the vacant slips, then nudges for a single, and it is all over.


The crowd is 23,589, a record for the Big Bash at this venue, but less than hoped for after a heavy promotional campaign. Most here would be happy cistomers, after the privilege of seeing Finch's brilliant innings. And the motorbike acrobatics.


Renegades 2-156 (17) Target 167 (8.40 per over). Finch 104no Rohrer 29no. Warne 2-0-41-0
It's Finch's first T20 ton, and he celebrated heartily, with a big leap mid-pitch. That after appearing buttoned-up throughout despite his amazing hitting. In just 60 balls, he hit 11 fours and four sixes. He appeared determined to lead from the front, and mixed deft touches for ones and twos with calculated assaults on Warne and Faulkner.


100. Finch on-drives for four, fittingly ringing up his century with a boundary.
DROPPED. Faulkner can't hold on at deep mid-wicket after a solid blow from Rohrer.


Renegades 2-149 (16) Target 167 (8.40 per over). Finch 99no Rohrer 26no. Warne 2-0-41-0

FOUR. Full-toss from Wright to Finch on leg-stump. Goodbye ball. Nothing says more about the different forms of cricket than Aaron Finch's complete mastery of short forms while he struggles to get off the mark in first-clas matches. This has been an astonishingly composed innings.


Renegades 2-143 (16) Target 167 (8.40 per over). Finch 94no Rohrer 26no. Warne 2-0-41-0

Renegades 2-142 (15.3) Target 167 (8.40 per over). Finch 93no Rohrer 26no. Warne 2-0-41-0
Ben Rohrer is putting together a lovely cameo innings, timing and hitting the ball sweetly from the outset, not the least during his mauling of Shane Warne's second over. He outscored Finch in their 50 partnership, quite a feat.


Renegades 2-142 (15.3) Target 167 (8.40 per over). Finch 93no Rohrer 26no. Warne 2-0-41-0
Ben Rohrer is putting together a lovely cameo innings, timing and hitting the ball sweetly from the outset, not the least during his mauling of Shane Warne's second over. He outscored Finch in their 50 partnership, quite a feat.


Renegades 2-138 (15) Target 167 (8.40 per over). Finch 92no Rohrer 23no. Warne 2-0-41-0
It's a cruise home at a run-a-ball now for the Renegades after another calamitous Warne over, which went for 22 runs. But Finch is going to do it in style. A slashing cover drive for four off Jackson Bird, then a cleverly gently hit nudge to square leg, which yields a hard-run two with the fieldsman on the boundary line.


Renegades 2-127 (14) Target 167 (8.40 per over). Finch 84no Rohrer 20no.

Warne is back... the rusty veteran strikes an off-stump line, keeping the rampant Finch to three of two balls, almost a victory. But NSW leftie Ben Rohrer cracks his third ball for four off the back foot through cover. The fifth ball is a rank full-toss, which gets the treatment SIX into the crowd at mid-wicket. And the final delivery is beautifully hit by the leftie, who picks it up and deposits way back at a straighter mid-wicket. SIX


Renegades 2-105 (13) Target 167 (8.40 per over). Finch 81no Rohrer 2no.

81 off 49. They are numbers it still gets hard to get used to. Finch creates modern scoring rates.


Renegades 2-100 (12) Run-rate 8.33. Target 167 (8.40 per over). Finch 78no Rohrer 0no.

Will Shane Warne bowl again, after his one over went for 19? It could old the key to this game. he is clearly keen to avoid hitting machine Aaron Finch, with good reasons. The Renegades skipper tok him for consecutives sixes in that fateful six balls.


Renegades 2-93 (11) Target 167 (8.40 per over). Finch 73no Rohrer 0no. du Plessis 14

WICKET du Plessis lofts Faulkner to deep cover, where Mckay takes a fine catch diving forward.

Oh dear, the cricket gods are feasting on Warnie tonight. 19 off his first over, then he has just dropped a dollie at mid-wicket, giving du Plessis, one of the form men of world cricket, a reprieve on 13. Great slower ball from McKay brought the mis-hit. Finch in cruise control that over, waiting for his next prey. A few more of his big bashes and this game will be in the Renegades's keeping. If he gets out now, its in the balance again.


Renegades 1-88 (10) Target 167 (8.40 per over). Finch 63no du Plessis 12no.

SIX. Trademark blow from Finch over mid-wicket off his favourite target Faulkner. That's four sixes now for the T20 master. He reads the game perfectly, Finch, knowing which balls to target and which to nudge for one. Faulkner much happier bowling to du Plessis. Tough caught and bowled chance dropped off the last ball, the leftie falling to his right in his follow-through.


Renegades 1-78 (9). Run rate 9.13. Target 167 (8.40 per over) Finch 63no du Plessis 11no. Malinga 2-0-9-0
Another tight over from Malinga. Despite his seemingly erratic slinging action, he has been quick and accurate.
T20 gets its respite from the quickies. With their long run-ups, they give everyone a moment to take a breath (and correct their typos). Well, some of them.


Renegades 1-74 (8.1). Run rate 9.13. Target 167 (8.40 per over) Finch 59no du Plessis 9no

Malinga back, replacing Warne, whose only over cost 19. Lasith looks the most troubling owler for the Renegades - du Plessis lets his first ball go through to te keeper.


Renegades 1-73 (8). Run rate 9.13. Target 167 (8.40 per over) Finch 59no du Plessis 9

FOURS, two of them, to Finch, as he accelerates and puts the Renegades in command. A leg glance then a bottom-edged hook, and he is singlehandedly pulling his team ahead of the required run rate. the du Plessis joins the funnwith a spectacular ramp shot, sending the ball high into unguarded territory at fine leg for three.


Renegades 1-61 (7). Target 167 (8.40 per over) Finch 50no du Plessis 6

Big noise for the first time tonight as Shane Warne takes the ball. First one is a wide, then he is hit over cover twice for two by du Plessis. Finch then launches consecutive SIXES, over mid-on, and mid-off, monstrous blows almost off the back foot, before turning fine to bring up his 50 off 28 balls. five fours and three sixes in this atonishing knock. It looked like it was a bit personal when Warne bowled to Finch. He had something to prove, the skipper of the underdogs.


Renegades 1-42 (6). Target 167 (8.40 per over) Finch 37no du Plessis 1

SIX. Finch slog-sweps the last ball of David Husey's over for the biggest six of the match, way back at mid-wicket. he's a master of this format, quietly bringing his team up totbhe required rate when the Stars looked on top.


Renegades 1-35 (5.2). Target 167 (8.40 per over) Finch 30no du Plessis 0

There have been some stunning blows in this match, but there has been no shot as sublime as that of Finch to Jackson Bird, a superb, controlled, rocket of an on-drive, all class and timing. Nice to see that the South African du Plessis, so pivotal to his team beating Australia in the recent Test series, received a warm welcome to the crease from the crowd.


Renegades 1-25 (4.1). Target 167 (8.40 per over) Finch 21no Harris 3 (8)

WICKET. Harris advances to Bird, gets under his good length ball, but hits it no further than just outside the circle, where Hodge takes the catch falling backwards.


Renegades 0-25 (4). Target 167 (8.40 per over) Finch 21 Harris 3

FOUR. Finch slog-sweeps the not-slow Faulkner to within a metre of the square leg boundary. He's teeing of at the Tasmanian, opening up his stance and advancing.


FOUR. Brutal short-arm tug from Finch to the square leg boundary, beating a fieldsman only ten metres away. Boy he hits it hard, and with superb timing.


Renegades 0-15 (3). Target 167 (8.40 per over) Finch 11 Harris 3

McKay kept up the pressure established by Malinga with a tight over, Finch forced to push for singles from quick, good length deliveries. A moment of class from Matthew Wade in that over - picking up a ferociously-thrown half-volley whilst runing to the stumps at full pace. Stars right on top early, with three overs of the powerplay down, and the run-rate manageable. Jamie Faulkner now gets his chance to squeeze the scoring.


Renegades 0-12 (2). Target 167 (8.40 per over) Finch 7 Harris 2

Great, quick over from Malinga. He kept the batsmen poking, and beat Harris' outside egde. Just three off, a big bonus given how well the Stars did in their powerplay overs. McKay into the attack for the third over - quick changes in bowling attacks obviously a new tactic, as teams try to stop openers getting their hitting rhythm.


Renegades 0-9 (1.1). Target 167 (8.40 per over) Finch 7 Harris 2

Lasith Malinga gets the bigest non-Warne cheer of the night when introduced as the opening bowler from the Lockett, or fish market end.


Renegades 0-8 (1). Target 167 (8.40 per over) Finch 7 Harris 1

Jackson Bird opens up to Finch. He lofts the second ball to the cver boundary for three, Shane Warne doing the chase, and earning the oudest non-prompted cheer of the night for his lobbed-halfway-back return. A bit of a Warnie chant starts up. On the fifth ball, Finch gets a big pieces of a straight ball and whips it to fine leg for four.


Shane Warne, who captains and coaches much like a footy player, gathers the Stars at the boundary and gives them a pep talk. He has his game face on, does the great spruiker, and he looks itchy to get out there. His contribution could prove crucial to this efence of 167 by the Stars. Low-key Renegades skipper Aaron Finch enters without fuss, dispersing early from opening partner Dan Harris. you get the feeling Finch prefers deeds to words. The Renegades probably need him to match Luke Wright's half-century if they are to win tonight.


If you don't like cricket, but remain partial to death-defying stunt-riding, Melbourne Renegades matches could be for you. At half-time in this match, anothe fireworks-laden display of high-flying, twisting motor-cycle acrobatics. The crowd, a young, cheerful, non-partisan mob, is reacting well to the incredible feats, which end with two riders doing 360s high above the ramp truck with flames blazing on their backs. I get the feeling parents would be appreciating the effort going into this event, a lot more than for the usual game of footy, or any other form of cricket. There are few dull moments for even the most shortened attention span.


Stars 5-167 (20)

A competitive target is set by the Stars, just above the generally considered 'par' mark of 160. The pitch is good, the outfield not outstandingly fast, and the Renegades will struggle if they don't get full value from their powerplay. The Stars smashes their first 50 from 32 balls in the opening 25 minutes, taking advantage of the pace bowlers not having fieldsmen on the boundary. The Renegades pegged them back with the mastery of Murali (0-24 of 4) and O'Brien (2-27). Finch chipped in with 1-14 off two overs, after quickie Will Sheridan's final over the powerplay went for 17. Taking the pace off the ball proved the key to subduing the Stars' hiters. Will Shane Warne be pivotal for the Stars at the bowling crease? Their attack is otherwise based around the pace of Malinga and McKay. The opening overs will tell the story.


Stars 5-167 Wade 14, Faulkner 0
Wade skies the final ball over gully and runs two.


Stars 5-164
Wade ramp-shots paceman Pattinson to a vacant fine-leg, and the ball stops millimetres short of the boundary. Murali not too keen to see it stop there, with him closest. The batsmen run four.


Stars 5-159

WICKET David Hussey c Finch b Pattinson 42 (31)
Hussey skies Pattinson to mid-off, where Finch taks a nerveless catch above his eyes.


Stars 4-157, 19  overs, Hussey 40, Wade 7
All down to the renowned hitter Hussey and these upcoming six balls to make this toal imposing for the Stars.


Stars 4-156

Rimmington is belted to the mid-wicket gap by Hussey.


Stars 4-149, run-rate 8.20, just above the 'par' figure for T20.


Stars 4-148 18 overs

SIX The Mexican wave does the rounds as Hussey gets under a Pattinson length ball and hits it just over the fence. A spectator falls into the field trying to take the catch, which earns admiring applause.



Stars 4-134 (17 overs) White c du Plessis b O'Brien 20(14), D Hussey 24 not out
White smashes O'Brien over mid-wicket for six, then tries to repeat the does, but hits it straighter, to a longer corner of the field, and the man of the moment Faf du Plessis takes the catch falling to his knees after a long run. A run-out and a fine catch to the star South African tonight. Matthew Wade joins David Hussey at the crease with the Stars needing some big overs to post a defendable total.


Stars 3-128 17th over

FOUR A rare boundary  off O'Brien, Hussey bludgeoning a drive between cover and mid-off. Order is restored next ball, and attempted stumping which lights up the neon stumps in the fading light.


Stars 3-123 17 overs, Hussey 19, White 14

DROPPED. Hussey slams one straight at cover, and its too hot too handle. next ball deep mid-off's effort is better, but its scooped up on the half-volley.

SIX. Pace returns, with Rimmington, and so does the big-hitting, with Hussey depositing a full ball over the mid-wicket rope.


Stars 3-115, 15 overs D Hussey 18, C White 7.

The Stars were waiting Murali out, respectfully nudging him for singles (and one expertly-run two) rather than trying to hit him to the boundary. The onslaught should come now that his shift of four overs (0-24) is done. the Sri Lankan master is worth every cent for the Renegades. Over to you Warney!


Stars 3-107 14 overs, run-rate 7.64

Wright c Harris b Finch 53 (41)
Unlikely wicket-taker Aaron Finch (slow-medium) induces a uppish drive. With the set batsman gone, the Renegades have fought their way back into contention. Wright hit four fours and a six. With the run-rate under eight, the Stars need a big finish.


Stars 2-102, 13 overs. Wright 53, Hussey 13

Unheralded all-rounder Aaron O'Brien shapes as the ideal Renegade - effective without fanfare. His left-arm tweakers have yielded 1-1-16 off 3.


Stars 2-97, 12 overs. Wright 50 (36), Hussey 11(11)

Dan Harris has a trundle, bowling briskish medium-pacers with keeper Peter Neville standing up at the stumps, and he boundary riders back straight. Wright's straight drive for a single rings up his 50, off 36 balls in 49 minutes. David Hussey celebrates with a lofted cover drve for four.


Stars 2-87, 11 overs. Wright 47no, Murali 0-20 off 3 overs.

The Stars had been subdued by Murali, bowling with fve me on the boundary. Wright eventually lost patience and took on the man at mid-wicket, lobbing it over his head for six.


Fine over from Darren Pattinson, generating good pace and beating Wright with his last ball. He has 0-10 off two overs. The Renegades are pulling back into thegame after a quickfire 50 run-partnership from Hodge and Wright.


Stars 2-77 9.4 overs, Wright 40, D Hussey 1. Hodge run out 28.


Stars 2-74, 8.4 overs Wright 38no.

The first two sightings of the lit-up stumps - an atempted stumping off O'Brien, and now, a run-out of Brad Hodge. A great save at cover from a Luke Wright drive, and the Englishman calls Hodge to run on a (slight) misfield. The turn and throw from du Plessis beats veteran Hodge to the striker's end.

Earlier, Victorian left-arm quick Will Sheridan had a horror first over, conceding 17 to Wright and Hodge, incluing a ack foot drive for six from the Victorian.

Murali's first over, after the powerplay, with the fieldmen back on the boundary conceded only seven, and losw left=armer O'Brien has also been economical.


Stars 1-43, 5 overs. Hodge 10, Wright 25.

Right-arm quickie Nathan Rimmington resumes from the Geelong/Lockett end. The stadium likes him being on - his long run-up enables bursts of Iggy Pop between deliveries (Lust For Life). Rimmington has Hodge under control until he strays to leg on the fifth ball, and the Victorian icon nurdles him past the short fine leg for four, deliacy, not brutalty working to best effect.


Stars 1-38, 4 overs. Wright 24, Hodge 6.

Renegades skipper Aaron Finch brings himself into the attack for the fourth over, obviously wanting to take pace off the ball against such ferocious hitters. His first two innocuous nude balls, delivered off a few paces, are dispatched by Wright, but relative order prevails for the rest of the over. The crowd is pleased by an attendant whopushes a beach ball back into the crowd.


Stars 1-29, 3 overs
Hodge square cuts superbly for four from O'Brien's final delivery.


Stars 1-23, 2.2 overs.
Hodge 0 no
Wright 15 no
Quiney 5

Left-arm tweaker Aaron O'Brien is brought into the atack with immediate results, Quiney holing out to Rimmington at mid-off with a drive of the second ball of the over. That brings Brad Hodge to the crease.


Stars 0-23, 2 overs, Wright 15, Quiney 5

Luke Wright advances to consecutive balls, for a two and a four. Then he reaches out and slaps the last ball over cover for another boundary. He scored a 44-ball ton in this comp last year.


Stars 0-9, 1.1 overs

The first ball of Nathan Rimmington's spell is also a wide.


Stars 0-8, 1 over

All quiet until the last ball of the first over when Rob Quiney danced down and lofted over mid-on for four. The pitch looks perfect, white and even. Levels one and two are well-populated, but the vast top deck at Etihad Stadium is sparsely peopled. During footy season, the scoreboard records the crowd figure as it builds, but not tonight.


The Stars openers are Rob Quiney (facing) and Luke Wright. Darren Pattinson to open the bowling for the Renegades. He does so with consecutive wides, something of an anti-climax after an hour of exuberant build-up.


The announcer's "wassups" start up again as the Ministry of Dance begin cartwheeling to welcome the Melbourne Renegades on to the field, through a burst of rock 'n' roll smoke.


Renegades spruiker Strauchanie describes his team as the 'moneyball' outfit of the two Melbourne franchises. There's a footy undercurrent to everything here - Collingwood presient Eddie McGuire is aligned with the Stars, who are based at the MCG, like the Magpies. And North Melbourne chairman James Brayshaw is behind the Renegades, based here at Etihad Stadium like his Kangaroos. The gaggle of asistant coaches speaks of the AFL environment as well. You have to wonder how much they get to do with players like Faf du Plessis, who has barely met his teammates, let alone trained extensively with the squad.


The smoke has cleared, the motorcycle ramp truck has departed, and its only cameramen populating the playing surface now. There are anouncements for an AFL-style Melbourne Renegades Family Day. I'm not sure it is going to be easy to breed club loyalty when so many state teammates compete against each other, teams change so radically each year, and there are so few home games. Not to mention the fact that no amount of marketing gets around the problem that the teams don't really stand for anything yet. But you've got to start somewhere - the games create the rivalries and characters of the teams usually.


The lowest reaches of the stadium are filing up. Officials will be hoping for a late influx, and fans would be well-advised to turn up earlier, if the standard of pre-match entertainment is maintained. But a 7pm start is a probably a rush job for a lot of working parents. You'd think with the amount of promotion put into this game (from Shane Warne alone), a crowd of 25,000 is a break-even mark. That would surpass the best crowd here last year by nearly ten thousand. It appears highly doubtful at this point whether any crowd records will be broken tonight.


Motorcycle acrobatics ahead of the first ball, acompanied by fireworks, and they are absolutely breathtaking. The scarier the stunt, the higher the fireworks, as if the pyrotechnics are judging the riders. No pressure openers, but these could be the best ramp shots of the night.


Final teams:

Melbourne Renegades: Aaron Finch (3), Tom Cooper (6), Faf Du Plessis (4), Dan Harris (0), Muttiah Muralitharan (12), Peter Nevill (0), Aaron O’Brien (0), Darren Pattinson (0), Nathan Rimmington (0), Ben Rohrer (0), Will Sheridan (0)

Melbourne Stars: Shane Warne (0), Jackson Bird (0), James Faulkner (0), Brad Hodge (8), David Hussey (39), Clint McKay (4), Lasith Malinga (40), Rob Quiney (0), Matthew Wade (15), Cameron White (38), Luke Wright (37)


Hip-hop of the poppier, cheesier variety gives way for Guns' n' Roses. The suitably enthusiastic (read: loud) Daniel Elmer and Nathan Strempel are earning their keep with excited interactions with fans and mascots on the boundary. First words? "What up?" Last word of first barrage? "Yo!" No ploy is being left un-attempted by Cricket Australia as it aims to entertain young fans. A rather ominous ramp on the back of a truck is positioned on the far side of the ground. One assumes a motorcycle is part of that equation.


The Stars have won the toss and will bat first. Stars 12th man: Peter Handscomb. Renegades 12th man: Brendan Drew.


Sri Lanka has fought its way to 4/276 at the end of the second day of its tour match against the Chairman's XI in Canberra. Dilshan made 101 retired, and Sangakkara 55, and all their batsmen got a start. Wickets went the way of Glenn Maxwell, offie Adam Turner, and, wait for it, captain Usman Khawaja. Yep, I had no idea what he bowled either. Cricket Australia says its right arm medium pace. 5-1-22-1 for the skipper, obviously less shy than national captain Michael Clarke when it comes to bowling himself. Who can argue when he served as partnership-breaker by snaring Kumar Sangakkara LBW?


Both teams are out practising on the as yet unhallowed turf of Etihad Stadium ahead of the 7.00pm start of tonight's first derby of the Big Bash season. Muttiah Muralitharan dropped the first catch he was hit, a dolly, but he was not made to do twenty push-ups. The music is in full swing, the strobes on the band platform are kicking into life in the late afternoon sunlight, and the crowd is dribbling in, most of them young boys so far.

Tournament favourites the Melbourne Stars have lived up to their name by collecting a brilliant array of talent. In Shane Warne, Brad Hodge, David Hussey, Lasith Malinga, Luke Wright, Matthew Wade and Rob Quiney, the Stars have the more identifiable players, and their international experience far out-strips their opponents. However, the Stars looked as impressive 'on paper' last year, and never lived up to their billing, just making the finals, and quickly exiting.

The Melbourne Renegades are a comparatively low-profile unit after off-loading a raft of big-name under-performers from their first season, but in Muttiah Muralitharan and Aaron Finch, they possess what could end up the most influential bowler and batsman in the competition. And in Darren Pattinson and Nathan Rimmington, they have a pair of the more effective short-form pacemen in the game.

The Big Bash, a ratings and attendance succes story last season, has again been given a privileged summer time-slot to capture the hearts and minds of cricket-lovers, and perhaps gain the sport some new adherents. Most of the gimmicks, particularly at Etihad Stadium, appeal to the very young, with under-18s making up a solid proportion of the crowds last year. Self-defined cricket purists may abhor the fireworks, dancing, and loud music, but many canny cricket-lovers are watching with interest as the evolution of Twenty20 cricket affects the longer forms of the game.

Get set for radical footwork from batsmen, variations upon variations from bowlers, and stumps that light up when the bail is dislodged. This is a mutation of the game that forces innovation.

It's not cricket, but it can be a lot of fun.

Line-ups (T20 International experience in brackets)

Melbourne Renegades squad: Aaron Finch (3), Fawad Ahmed (0), Tom Cooper (6), Faf Du Plessis (4), Dan Harris (0), Michael Hill (0), Muttiah Muralitharan (12), Peter Nevill (0), Aaron O’Brien (0), Darren Pattinson (0), Nathan Rimmington (0), Ben Rohrer (0), Will Sheridan (0)

Melbourne Stars: Shane Warne (0), Jackson Bird (0), James Faulkner (0), Peter Handscomb (0), Brad Hodge (8), David Hussey (39), Clint McKay (4), Lasith Malinga (40), Rob Quiney (0), Clive Rose (0), Matthew Wade (15), Cameron White (38), Luke Wright (37)

Total T20 I caps: Renegades 25 v Stars 181.

Melbourne's Big Bash games:

Fri 07 Dec: Melbourne Renegades vs Melbourne Stars. Etihad Stadium, 7pm.

Sat 15 Dec: Melbourne Stars vs Hobart Hurricanes. MCG, 7pm.

Wed 19 Dec: Melbourne Renegades vs Hobart Hurricanes. Etihad Stadium, 7pm.

Fri 21 Dec: Melbourne Stars vs Sydney Sixers. MCG, 7pm.

Sat 22 Dec: Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane Heat. Etihad Stadium, 7pm.

Wed 02 Jan 2013: Melbourne Renegades vs Adelaide Strikers. Etihad Stadium, 7pm.

Sun 06 Jan 2013: Melbourne Stars vs Melbourne Renegades. MCG, 7pm.

Tue 08 Jan 2013: Melbourne Stars vs Sydney Thunder. MCG, 7pm.

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