LETTER: Line up, get set to pay

RECENT articles in this paper (‘‘Lay it on the line’’, Herald 4/12,   and ‘‘MP takes aim at city rail spending’’, Herald 5/12) have prompted another spate of letters about the upcoming loss of the Newcastle rail link. 

All the old arguments, pro and con, about revitalising Newcastle CBD have been trotted out.

 Note that I have said ‘‘upcoming loss’’. While I personally believe that ripping up the rail line is an enormous, short-sighted mistake that our great-grandchildren will regret, it’s a fait accompli. 

The ‘‘bottom line’’ of this argument is that developers want the rail corridor land. The chairman of Infrastructure NSW is right behind them. 

The current to-ing and fro-ing is only NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell trying to dodge having to pay for the line’s removal. 

But he will pay in the end. Or, more correctly, we taxpayers will. After all, we can’t expect the developers to pay the $600million this destruction of yet another national asset is apparently going to cost.

 So I’m not going to say any more about it. I’ll just quietly lament the waste of another $600million of taxpayers’ money.  

  Barney Ward



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