LETTER: Uphill battle over guns


GREG Ray’s ‘‘email’’ to US President Obama succinctly highlights the hypocrisy of the United States’s stance on violence (‘‘The real war on terror’’, Herald, 18/12). 

While the President and others rightly condemn the latest mass shooting within its borders, the US government continues to promote and practise unbridled violence against its ‘‘enemies’’ abroad.  

Although the irony of the situation seems to be lost on President Obama and his parliament, indeed by all accounts on the majority of the US population, the President has hinted that he intends doing something about gun violence within the US. 

This week on television one US commentator spoke to the camera and  bemoaned the tragedy of the murder of so many children. Of the brave principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School who gave her life to protect her charges, he said: ‘‘I wish to God she’d had an M5 in her office locked up so when she hears gunfire... she takes him out, takes his head off before he could kill those precious kids’’.  

In other words, the principal of an infants’ school should have a military assault rifle on hand to deal with intruders.  

Was this the raving of a radical, right-wing supporter of  the National Rifle Association?  No, it was Louie Gohmert, a former judge and Texan chief justice, and a Republican member of the US Congress.  And he is certainly not alone within the US Congress or the Senate in holding such extreme views.  

How can Mr Obama hope to bring about any meaningful change in the face of lunacy like that within his parliament?   

John Ure,

Mount Hutton


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