LETTER: Assange deserves help 

AM I correct in assuming that it is perfectly acceptable for the secret services in America and elsewhere  to torture and rape prisoners in defiance of the UN Charter Against Torture as long as it is not made public?

Am I correct in assuming that it is quite acceptable to undermine the legitimate governments of South American states – activity that has, on occasion, included assassination – if it is kept secret?

I read about many countries, including Canada, the UK and America, deporting prisoners to places where torture is sanctioned. I read of CIA hit- squads and of political murders – all, of course, strictly listed as top secret. Is this acceptable to you?

Most people  would fight for the freedom of the press and  against any perceived gagging of reporters, yet as far as I can ascertain few are raising their  voices in support of Julian Assange.

Here is a man who has dedicated his life (possibly literally) to defend the right to expose corruption in high places; a man who has set up an information machine dedicated to exposing cruelty, corruption, mendacity and arrogance in governments and covert organisations around the world – yet  who is prepared to stand up and be counted on his behalf?

Australia has always toadied to the Americans but do we have to sacrifice one of our own to prove our continued alliance? 

In the past I have listened to many politicians asserting that we need ‘‘open government’’, a government with no hidden agendas, a government open to scrutiny, one that is answerable to the electorate – what happened to those ideals?  

Could I suggest that you examine your conscience and do something to help this man before it is too late?

Tom Edwards, 

Wangi Wangi




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