LETTER: Medical system  seriously flawed

I WENT to a medical centre at Jewells on December 12 to see a doctor about my blind right eye, which was infected and causing me some pain.

The doctor took one look at the eye and told me I needed to go to John Hunter Hospital’s eye clinic  to have an injection of antibiotics into my eye. The registrar at the hospital  came to the same conclusion and tried to locate a specialist eye doctor to do the operation. My eye specialist  was unavailable so I was sent to another specialist at Newcastle Eye Hospital, who also concluded that a operation was needed immediately.

My complaint is that this procedure should have been done at John Hunter Hospital under Medicare. Instead, my out-of-pocket expenses left my pensioner wife and I short of money for Christmas.  

 Not everybody can afford private health care. I had to pay a $270 consulting fee after two doctors gave the same opinion on that day – that meant Medicare paid out  three times for the same opinion. No wonder the government has to slash services to pay for a flawed medical system.

Raymond Grainger,



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