Q&A: Mitchell Coombes

Charlestown-based celebrity psychic Mitchell Coombes believes he is moving into one of his best years yet. As well as returning to his weekly television segment on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show and writing a column for Woman’s Day, Coombes will be a regular guest on David and Tanya’s breakfast show on KOFM. Following the release of his latest book, Sensing Psychic, Coombes will tour Australia with seminars and workshops, while working through his two-year waiting list for one-on-one readings.

How would you sum up your latest book? 

Sensing Psychic is packed with extraordinary real-life encounters. It gives you the keys to unlock the doors for your very own psychic journey. People from all walks of life have sensed the unspoken, read-between-the lines or experienced psychic wonder moments that defy logic. If you have ever had a psychic dream, felt an inner voice guide a decision or wondered if pets are spiritual messengers, or if your child is naturally psychic – I answer these questions and many more. Sensing Psychic, as well as my first book Sensing Spirit, are available from mitchellcoombes.com.

What will Prince William and Kate have, a boy or girl? What do you think they’ll call him/her?

There will be a radiant pregnancy glow around Kate Middleton from mid-year. I’m hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet and see a newborn wrapped in a delicate blue blanket. I sense they will choose a hyphenated name combining a modern and traditional name. The number two keeps appearing around Kate and Will, and I feel that ultimately they are destined to have  two children together – a boy and a girl.

Will Liz Hurley and Shane Warne make it up the aisle?

I sense that Shane Warne and Liz Hurley are true soul mates. This year ahead is truly an exciting time for their relationship – it will go from strength to strength. While Liz and Shane are destined to be together,  marriage is still a long way off.

Will Tony Abbott ever be Prime Minister of Australia?

There continues to be a power struggle between Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard. Later in the year when we head to polling booths – Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott will go head to head in spectacular ways and stop at nothing to secure government. At the time of making these predictions I see Julia Gillard serving a third term – and this proves to be her strongest term yet!

Will Newcastle get rid of the railway line?

I sense that, despite controversy and differing opinions, Newcastle will ultimately get rid of the railway line. 

Do you foresee any natural disasters in 2013?

We will continue to see and experience erratic and unpredictable weather patterns both locally and globally. The east coast of Australia will feel the brunt of wild weather during winter and this summer will be one of the hottest ever recorded.

Any big celebrity break-ups ahead?

Despite rumours of trouble in paradise for Lisa McCune and husband Tim Disney, I sense their marriage is far from over. This year sees them with a window of opportunity to work out differences and rekindle the flames of passion from early March to late June. 

Will Nathan Tinkler’s financial woes come to an end in 2013?

While Nathan Tinkler will do everything in his power to get his financials in order and fulfil contractual obligations – I sense his financial woes are far from over.

What’s ahead for ‘‘Our Jen’’? 

A golden aura sparkles around Jennifer Hawkins this year. I’m picking up that while there is a strong soul-mate connection between Jen and her long- time fiance Jake Wall – marriage is a long way off. 

Mitchell Coombes.

Mitchell Coombes.