LETTER: Try counting the  train passengers

MAX Coulson  writes (Short Takes  29/12) that Mr Tony Miller (no relation) should try counting the amount of cars containing only one person while waiting at crossings.

The thing is, for every rail crossing in the area there is a way around.

The crossing belongs to the railway, not the roads.

As for those who say there are no passengers on the train as it goes by, they have great eyesight as the windows of these trains are not only tinted  to break down the sun glare, they are also filthy dirty.

One has a problem seeing inside these trains, even at the station.

So how would someone see any passenger inside as the train is moving, particularly the opposite side of the carriage and upstairs?

Anyway Max, most of these folk sitting by themselves in the car could only count to 10 if they had thongs on!

 Kevin Miller,



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