LETTER: More tolerance not less

I LIKE to read the New Year resolutions from our pollies to chuckle at the promises and dreams they know they will never be able to deliver. But I was shocked and disappointed, to put it mildly, at the comments from Hunter MP Joel Fitzgibbon (‘‘My New Year’s Resolution’’, Herald 1/1/2013). His New Year resolution: “To be less tolerant of minority groups ...”

So much for democracy. Let’s look at some minority groups: how about Aboriginals, the homeless, the disabled, the mentally ill, the unemployed and asylum seekers.

Pollsters say that Labor is headed for defeat in this year’s federal election. But one thing is sure, that Mr Fitzgibbon will be returned to Parliament because he is in a safe seat. To have one of our representatives advocating “less tolerance” is a disgrace and shows again how low our politicians can sink. Is he speaking for the rest of us when he promises such things? I expect not.

Mr Fitzgibbon goes on to say he is concerned that some groups “threaten our local economy”. Such a statement confirms that he is a true-blue member of the Labor Right wing. They all seem to prefer to live in an economy rather than the real world, which has many different groups. A whole lot of minority groups.

The world’s future doesn’t look too bright right now, with climate change, fiscal cliffs, extreme weather events, wars, terrorists, uprisings, starvation and desperation. I could go on.

I advocate more tolerance, not less. We can get through this if we all stick together.

 John Brown,

Bolwarra Heights




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