Firearms charges after Toronto domestic dispute

POLICE seized a pump-action shotgun, a modified flare gun, a slingshot and fireworks after being called to a domestic dispute at Toronto where a man had threatened to kill himself, a Newcastle bail court heard on Thursday.

Officers were called to Cockatiel Street after noon on Wednesday following reports of a domestic dispute in the street, a police statement said.

They spoke to Luke James Self, 26, and his wife, who said Mr Self had threatened to harm himself during an argument.

The couple had argued about why Mr Self did not take time off work to visit his wife when she was recently hospitalised with an illness, the statement said.

According to the police statement, Mr Self retrieved a modified flare gun and loaded it with a bullet before getting in his car and driving to his wife.

The officers allegedly found the loaded flare gun and a second bullet near the rear passenger's seat, as well as a shotgun, parts of a rifle, ammunition, a slingshot and a box of fireworks.

They also found what they believed to be drugs, which they seized for testing.

Mr Self was charged with possessing a loaded gun in public, intimidation, possessing explosives without a permit and other weapons offences.

He did not enter pleas in a Newcastle bail court on Thursday, and was granted bail to live with other family members.

The case was adjourned to Toronto Local Court next week.