TOPICS, AUDIO: Daze of excess

THE things you can get away with at 19, eh? (We’re shaking our heads with rueful nostalgia).

That’s how old Peter Sullivan, from Barnsley, was when he jumped onstage with Michael Hutchence.

Peter’s leap occurred at the January 1984 INXS show at the Newcastle Workers Club. Two thousand people cheered him on.

‘‘I got onstage with them that night and was just about to start dancing with Michael Hutchence,’’ said Peter proudly. 

He was quickly removed by a security guard with a grip like ‘‘a forklift’’.

‘‘[Hutchence] had come over and was about to have a dance with me.’’

It seems quaint now, but INXS played two shows that day – one at 2pm and the other at 8pm. Peter and his mates went to both, pooling their 20¢ coins.

He remembers being besotted with the lead singer of the Japanese supporting act, Sandii and The Sunsetz, and flogging a poster on the way out.

Maggie on the web missed that gig. 

‘‘But I happened to be working where they were staying while in Newcastle and am pleased to say they were among the nicest celebrities I met,’’ she writes. 

‘‘They were polite, courteous and almost shy. We had all expected them to be demanding like many others we had hosted but were pleasantly surprised!’’

A reader who was part of the live music scene back in the day remembers the band slightly differently.

His own band supported INXS at Cardiff Workers Club, and the deal was that you helped lug their gear in and lug it out.

‘‘Our bass player left his gold watch as collateral, so he’d have to hang around and help lug out,’’ said our reader, with a laugh.

Impressions of Hutchence?

‘‘An arrogant a---hole. But he had that swagger, the ultimate frontman. It was amazing being in the same backstage area.’’ 

And here, for those who enjoyed our bootlegged version of Don’t Change’’ on the website yesterday, is Original Sin, at the Workers Club  from 1984 for your listening pleasure.

BOYS IN THE BAND: INXS at about the time they played at the Newcastle Workers Club twice in one day.

BOYS IN THE BAND: INXS at about the time they played at the Newcastle Workers Club twice in one day.


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