LETTER: Transport in reverse

I FIND it ironic that as Sydney is planning to put trams back into its streets, Newcastle is planning on removing its railway.

Many world cities realise that good public transport must be  part of the infrastructure plan to keep pollution and congestion under control. 

Therefore, if Paul Broad and his cronies are so intent on removing the ‘‘barrier’’ between the CBD and the foreshore, light rail would allow them to achieve their objectives. 

Unfortunately the Hunter Development Corporation appears  unwilling to compromise by incorporating light rail in the redevelopment of Newcastle. 

The location of the new interchange  suggests, to me, there are no plans for satisfactory public transport for Newcastle. 

Their plans are only about removing road crossings to open the roads up for motorists.  

Have they considered suitable locations for parking or bus zones?  By my estimate an extra 10 to 20 buses per hour minimum will be required to move the people along Hunter Street? 

I don’t think they’ve truly considered the ramifications of their destructive ambitions.  

Stephen Miller,

East Maitland


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