LETTER: Cyclists need to comply with law

TED Harvey (Short takes  3/1) is concerned about disregard for the law exhibited by cyclists and the possible consequences for pedestrians, and rightly so. 

In my opinion, however, the far greater danger is the threat they represent to themselves. 

Instead of wasting time putting up signs everywhere saying ‘‘watch for cyclists’’, the money would be better spent assessing and enforcing compliance requirements that should apply to cyclists.  

Bikes are hard enough to see at the best of times, let alone when they pop up out of nowhere by ignoring the road rules the rest of us observe.

Chief among compliance requirements should be minimum illumination levels, as unlit (or dimly lit) cyclists riding during dark periods are virtually impossible to see. 

Registration for pushbikes will ensure they are roadworthy, as every other mode of road transport is required to be.

 Brett Patrick,



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