LETTER: Climate inaction costly

BUSHFIRES are increasing all over the world, and deserts are expanding in places like Africa and Australia. 

A huge area of the Arctic has melted and in a few years there will be no summer ice. 

Record droughts are being reported in some countries while other places are experiencing extreme storms and floods. 

All this, of course, was predicted by our scientists many years ago. 

Yet the other day when I asked a fellow  who was complaining about how hot it was  if he thought it might have something to do with global warming he replied: ‘‘No, I don’t believe in that.’’ 

 What on earth will it take to convince some people that we have a problem? 

To use the words of global climate expert Dr James Hansen: ‘‘We have identified our problem, we know what is causing our problem and we know how to remedy our problem. All we lack is the willingness to act.’’

John Ormandy,



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