Fearless Scollard makes waves  

AMBITIOUS: Jack Scollard aims high at the Jaws break.   Picture: Brian Bielmann
AMBITIOUS: Jack Scollard aims high at the Jaws break. Picture: Brian Bielmann

THE answer to your question is: No, he didn't make it.



That brave soul pictured taking off on a seven-metre (20-25 foot) monster is 19-year-old Lake Munmorah surfer Jack Scollard at the famed Jaws break at Pe'ahi on the Hawaiian island of Maui on New Year's Eve.

The shot, taken by internationally renowned surf photographer Brian Bielmann for TransWorld SURF, had reached almost 8000 likes on Twitter only two days after being posted.

And the question many were asking was, did he tame the beast?

"I actually didn't make this wave," Scollard told the Newcastle Herald from Hawaii.

"I think I got blown out halfway down, just lost my balance.

"The wind got super gnarly in the arvo, so it was hard to get into them.

"But I got a few really sick waves that day."

Scollard has been staying in his sponsor's house near the Banzai Pipeline since early November while he trains and surfs with Australian big-wave specialists Dean "Dingo" Morrison and Mark Matthews.

He said the surge of interest in him from the photo was an unexpected bonus of the dream trip, which has included watching Australia's Joel Parkinson win the Pipe Masters and his first world title.

"I'm so stoked with the photo," he said. "It's been all over the web. It's good for me and my sponsors. I'm happy. Lots of people have messaged and contacted me, all so stoked."

He said being at Pipe during Parkinson's win had been "super exciting" and he was keen to see the Volcom Pipe competition this month before heading home in time to compete at Surfest's Pro Junior event at Merewether.

"The trip is great, just surfing every day, training every second day and I just started attending yoga classes with Dean "Dingo" Morrison," he said. "Dingo is great. He always helps me out."

In his last year of Pro Junior competition, Scollard said he had been working hard on his fitness in preparation for Surfest and the only other two under-20 events listed on the Australasian circuit, which are both in Tahiti in March.