LETTER: Punish the politicians

I READ the story ‘‘Greens tick for hoaxer’’ (Herald 9/1) with absolute amazement and disgust.

The story was about two of our country’s leaders supporting what Jonathan Moylan had done by sending a falsified  ANZ letter to the press about the bank withdrawing funds from Whitehaven Coal.

This letter caused quite a lot of trouble for the company and its shareholders.

Jonathan Moylan should be charged and thrown in jail for his crime.

As for the two leaders of our country, Greens leader Christine Milne and her colleague, Lee Rhiannon, they should be immediately sacked from Parliament and thrown out of office with no benefits at all. 

That means no super, no free flights, no free anything.

What is this country coming to when its leaders support crime?

It does not matter whether the crime was committed for so-called good intentions or for any reason.

 It was a crime and they (the two politicians  and the perpetrator  of the crime) should be punished.


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