LETTER: Beware the puffed-up

IF Joey Picton (Short Takes 9/1) feels that this is a nanny state, I’d ask why they sell death-candy at all.

Perhaps it is an even more thinly veiled cash grab than the one he tries to unroll. 

Or perhaps it is fear of offending smokers who claim ‘‘pride’’ to compensate for their inability to overcome their addiction.

What particular aspect of smoking makes it something to be proud of?

 A symbol of money to burn? 

All Joey is doing is consuming culture by inhaling its smoke, belching it out (both proverbially and literally) as his contribution to which others should be subservient. 

I don’t see why people unhappy with breathing should force others to move. 

Joey may not be able to see himself in the mirror through the smoke, but I can understand puffed-up people (with their smelly logic and justifications) hate being forced to waft away.


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