LETTER: Bad rap for dirt bikers

I WOULD like to express my concerns over   a pressing issue in the Aberdare/Cessnock region of the Hunter Valley.

 I live on a street that leads to some bushland with basic trails throughout.  My young family and I are constantly subjected to people riding dirt bikes on public roads, like they are racing in the Motocross nationals. 

We hear these fools at all times of the day and night. 

There is nothing more frustrating than finally getting your toddler to sleep after a long hard day, only to have them woken up by some idiot who has no true respect for the residents or the sport itself. 

Every now and then you will hear a dirt bike travelling at what sounds like a more suitable speed and when you look it will be a road registered Enduro bike, with a rider who is not interested in trashing his tyres and annoying everyone in sight and giving the sport a bad label.

 I  own a registered dirt bike and when I get the chance I love  riding in the fantastic state forests at our doorstep.

It is so unfortunate that it seems as though most parents are too busy to take their children to a place where they can safely enjoy the sport and not annoy a soul. 

I remember when I was a teenager my father would never allow me to ride around the neighborhood, while my mates were allowed. 

I often thank him for teaching me the discipline and respect for the rules, as I now completely understand how annoying and dangerous it would have been.

 When I phone the police after I am sick of these brainless fools, they  reply  ‘‘there is nothing we can do and when we try to apprehend them they run into the bush’’. 

I was motivated to write this letter in response the  article ‘‘Brush with death’’ (Herald 12/1) about somebody setting a wire trap in my local area and a young boy nearly getting killed when hitting one. 

Taking this kind of action is certainly not the answer. 

Parents need to take the time to show their kids how to ride respectfully  in the right areas.

 Name, address withheld


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