Escaped Morisset hospital killer sentenced 


A KILLER who fled Morisset Psychiatric Hospital before robbing a man has been sentenced to at least two and half years in jail.

Trent Jennings, 27, was being held at the hospital after killing Giuseppe Vitale during a drug-fuelled sex romp in 2003, but he absconded while on day release in December 2011.

He went to the Sydney home of 50-year-old Vitale, who he met through a bondage website, the Sydney District Court heard.

After consensually tying up Mr Vitale, Jennings stole his luxury car and other items.

After Jennings pleaded guilty to three charges, Judge Peter Maiden this afternoon sentenced Jennings to a maximum of three and a half of years in prison, to be backdated to the time of his arrest on January 4 last year.

He will be eligible for parole on July 3, 2014.