Tinkler delivers Knights audit

THE board of the  Knights members’ club were delivered an independent audit yesterday that Hunter Sports Group officials said would prove  all terms and conditions of Nathan Tinkler’s 2011 takeover had been honoured.

The audit, conducted by Crosbie Warren Sinclair, was initially due on December15 but was deferred when Knights officials and the members’ club agreed on an extension until Monday.

The chairman of the members club, Nick Dan, said he had inspected the document briefly but would discuss it in detail with his fellow board members next week.

They have until January31 to rubber-stamp the auditors’ report or lodge any objections.

‘‘I’ve scanned it, but I have not yet sat down with it to go over it,’’ Dan said last night.

‘‘I’ve opened it up, had a look at some figures and put it on the weekend pile.

‘‘I want to give the other fellows a chance to look at it and get their feedback on Monday or Tuesday.’’

In a statement to Knights members, HSG chief executive Troy Palmer said there should never have been any concern that all stipulations would be upheld.

These included guaranteeing $10million in sponsorship, $2.5million in funding for junior development and $300,000 for the Newcastle Rugby League, and providing enough working capital for the day-to-day running of the club.

“Completing this audit and hitting the milestones were never in doubt, which we had advised from day one,” Palmer said. “We are disappointed in the publicity that this has received when we have always shown our commitment to the Knights and this region.’’

Knights advisory board chairman Paul Harragon was confident there would be no need for extensions for the annual audit in future. It would also be a ‘‘much simpler process from here’’.

“This issue over the dates, through no fault of anyone, should never raise its head again and we are confident it will be a simpler process from here,” Harragon said.

Nathan Tinkler.

Nathan Tinkler.