Danger unlikely from recalled Hunter cheese 

CONTAMINATION levels in a recalled Hunter Valley cheese are not as dangerous as first thought.

Listeria bacteria was discovered in Binnorie Dairy’s Duetto cheese, labelled with a best before date February 21, on Wednesday this week.

However testing has found levels in the award-winning cheese are below that considered dangerous and unlikely to cause illness.

Simon Gough, the owner and director of Binnorie Dairy, said 46 tubs of the cheese had been sold but the company had put an immediate stop on sales.

Consumers who bought the product are still being urged to return it to distributors.

The company’s retail store in Pokolbin sold 41 tubs and five tubs were sold through farmers’ markets in the Newcastle area.

Listeria infection is particularly dangerous for pregnant women, the elderly and those with weak immune systems.

Symptoms include fever, headache, tiredness, aches and pains and can lead to more serious conditions such as meningitis, blood poisoning and possibly death.

In pregnant women even mild infection can lead to a miscarriage.

Symptoms can occur from three to 70 days.

No cases have been linked with the cheese but anyone with health concerns is advised to see a doctor.

Listeria is particularly dangerous to pregnant women.

Listeria is particularly dangerous to pregnant women.