LETTER: Youth must be heard

AS a member of the Nords Wharf community and the younger generation (I am 15 and have lived in – and love – Nordsy since birth) I would like to say that the pending closure of the Kanangra Scout Camp has left me sleepless for many nights.

As a young Guide member, I went to the camp and, without bias, it was honestly the best camp I had been on. I love horse and bicycle riding, and exploring those tracks around the camp is one of my favourite pastimes because there is freedom where there are no buildings.

I have also spotted several native animals in the area; goannas, kangaroos, echidnas and even the rare koala.

When  companies decide they want to destroy an area as beautiful, natural and rare as that Scout camp, for money, there is something wrong with our world.

As a youth who will grow up and become part of the future, I beg that Coal and Allied change their  decision and that the youth start to be heard. 

Please listen to the future and community, because when I am older I want to be able to see beauty and not ugly, eyesore developments.

Keila Seaton, Nords Wharf


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