LETTER: State shirks promises

I REFER to the  article ‘‘Cuts to Glendale interchange feared’’ (Herald, 4/2). 

I believe state Liberals are stalling and shirking their responsibilities instead of providing the service delivery  on which they campaigned. 

Halfway through their first term in office, Hunter residents are rightly asking what has a change of government delivered for our area? 

Record efficiency savings, which is government speak for cuts, in the public and  Catholic education systems, health efficiency savings of nearly $3billion and public sector wages capped below levels of inflation mean that thousands of people who voted Liberal, many of them for the first time in their lives, are demanding spending on infrastructure. 

The state government’s commitment of $15million is less than 30per cent of the estimated costs of the first stage of the Glendale interchange, yet member for Charlestown Andrew Cornwell rightly points out the revenue sources that will flow into the state coffers should they stop stalling and start delivering. 

Developer contributions, stamp duty and payroll tax, in the many millions, would all flow to the state government and ameliorate the costs associated with the capital needed for the investment. 

The state government must fund their infrastructure obligations, given the sheer size of Lake Macquarie’s population. 

Adam Schultz, 



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