POLL: Love, money on Valentine’s Day

Blooms each day for a lifetime of romance

REMEMBERING their wedding anniversary should be a breeze for Warners Bay couple Shantel Walters and Brad Neville who are set to tie the knot at Merewether Surfhouse on Thursday.

‘‘Valentine’s Day will always be two in one for us,’’ Ms Walters, 24, told the Newcastle Herald on the eve of her wedding to her 29-year-old beau.

Ms Walters explained her fiance proposed in his typical ‘‘jokester’’ style.

‘‘I was working and he had all these flowers delivered but from another guy’s name ... I thought I had a stalker and was laughing with all the girls at work about it,’’ Ms Walters said. ‘‘I had six dozen roses delivered and then at the end of the day Brad came in with the last dozen and proposed.’’

The couple celebrated with dinner at Sydney’s Tower and a trip to the Blue Mountains.

Three couples are also expected to be married at Newcastle’s Registry Office today, one of 40 such ceremonies across the state on Valentine’s Day. 

The offices have even extended opening hours for the day to cope with demand.

You can do your bit for charity at the Kissing Booth at Newcastle Museum from 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm. Each photo at the flower-decked Kissing Booth will cost $5 and raise money for the John Hunter Children’s Hospital. 

Scratchleys owner Neil Slater said the Valentine’s rush is rivalled only by Mothers’ Day and the last Friday of the working year.

GSOH: Shantel Walters and Brad Neville  get married today. Picture: Simone De Peak

GSOH: Shantel Walters and Brad Neville get married today. Picture: Simone De Peak

‘‘It’s about three times busier than a normal night.’’

Linda Pinkerton, florist at Apple Blossom in Wallsend, said she’d hardly slept in days.

‘‘It’s full-on,’’ Ms Pinkerton said. ‘‘At this time of year we all get one and a half to two hours’ sleep a night.’’ Single stem roses are still the best sellers.

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