Ex-patient slams hospital food

A NEWCASTLE Private Hospital patient has called their meals ‘‘institutional slop’’ after a recent stay.

In a scathing 427-word review sent to the hospital, Barbara Elkins likened their tea to dishwater and said the creme caramel desserts were not fit for human consumption.

Ms Elkins said that though airlines had picked up their game with catering, hospitals had not appeared to improve since she was last admitted 40 years ago, Ms Elkins said.

The hospital said it cooked 62,000 meals each year but would investigate Ms Elkins’ concerns and make changes where appropriate.

Ms Elkins, of Terrigal, complained  that the food she ate during her three-day stay was  ‘‘overcooked, over-processed, lifeless and unappetising in both looks and smell’’.

‘‘It was hard to discern what some of the ingredients once were ... and the vegetables were just little pieces of unrecognisable stuff or dollops of wet mash,’’ she wrote.

And she found the desserts equally unimpressive.

She said she could think of ‘‘hundreds of recipes’’ that could be suitably reheated.

Newcastle Private Hospital general manager Michael Mitchell said it was disappointing their food service did not meet Ms Elkins’ expectations and they had invited her to meet with them.

‘‘The hospital appreciates all feedback,’’ Mr Mitchell said.

The hospital employed qualified chefs and nutritionists to help produce the best possible food, he said.

‘‘Meals are cooked fresh on-site.’’

An ex-patient is dishing out on the quality of meals she received.

An ex-patient is dishing out on the quality of meals she received.