Silverchair's Ben Gilles to perform for troops

NEARLY two years after Silverchair announced an ‘‘indefinite hibernation’’, drummer and co-founder Ben Gillies’ new musical project will perform for Aussie troops in the Middle East.

Swapping the drums for a microphone, Gillies will be front and centre performing tunes from Bento’s debut album Diamond Days which was released last October.

Bento, which features Gillies and a ‘‘a rotating cast of musical compadres’’, will be joined by science guru and TV and radio personality Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and comedian Justin Hamilton on the March tour.

The tour includes five shows to entertain soldiers, sailors, airmen and Australian Federal Police men and women.

“Our defence forces work in difficult situations, far from loved ones.... I am thrilled to be in a position to not only perform for them but also looking forward to the opportunity to get to know them as people too,’’ Hamilton said.

The other two members of Silverchair, Daniel Johns and Chris Joannou have been relatively quiet on the musical front over the past two years. Johns worked on an orchestral composition for a Qantas advertising campaign last year and performed a one off show with famed producer Van Dyke Parks and Kimbra at the Adelaide Festival in March.

Ben Gilles

Ben Gilles