TOPICS: Jubilation at response 

REGAL: Staff at John Hunter neo-natal intensive care unit celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee last year.
REGAL: Staff at John Hunter neo-natal intensive care unit celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee last year.
HELP: Bar Beach resident Roy Duffy and Woody.

HELP: Bar Beach resident Roy Duffy and Woody.

COUSINS: Connor and copy.

COUSINS: Connor and copy.

Royal thank you 

SO you have a party at work to mark the Queen’s jubilee and, for a laugh, send photos to Buckingham Palace. Months go by.

Then, when you’d completely forgotten about it, the palace replies.

That’s how it went for this group of nurses from John Hunter Hospital. One of her majesty’s ladies-in-waiting wrote back to say the Queen and Prince Philip had enjoyed their mini-jubilee.

‘‘The Queen was touched by the good wishes and pictures which you have sent to her and to The Duke of Edinburgh,’’ said the reply.

The letter now takes pride of place in the John Hunter neonatal intensive care unit, next to pictures of all the other princes and princesses they helped bring into the world.

Dog lovers needed

THE Doggy Day Out is in trouble, which means that headlines like ‘‘Doggy Day Out a howling success’’ (Herald, April 2012) are an endangered species.

Roy Duffy founded the Empire Park celebration of man’s best friend, with more than 10,000 people and their dogs last year.

But Roy, who’s in his 70s, can’t run it on his own.

‘‘I need a bit of a hand,’’ Roy said.

‘‘If a group wants to take on the organising I would help them do it, but I can’t do it all myself.’’

Previous DDOs have featured dog psychics, dog races and dog caricatures by Herald cartoonist Peter Lewis.

‘‘People dress their dogs up as bumblebees, and things like that,’’ said Roy.

At this stage, a salvaged Day Out would probably be in September. 

So if you want to help,  we’ll put you in touch with Roy.

All in the family

 HOW’s this for a pair of ringers in utero?

Reader Heather has sent us this pair of 4D ultrasound images. 

The unborn baby on the left, at 23 weeks, belongs to Heather’s cousin’s partner Ashley Orr. That photo is current.

The one on the right is an ultrasound taken of Ashley’s sister Tahnee, at 20 weeks, from about six years ago.

That baby grew into Tahnee’s son, Connor.

‘‘The girls couldn’t believe it when comparing their ultrasound photos,’’ reports Heather. 

‘‘They are exactly the same.’’

Both sisters live in Maryland.

Topics looks forward to a future photo of Connor and his new cousin, possibly side-by-side on the couch, to see if they both still rest on their left arms.

 Don’t tell me

 SOUNDS like we’re not the first to fall victim to a movie spoiler.

‘‘When the movie Saving Private Ryan came out,’’ says Tom Robinson, ‘‘a Daily Telegraph columnist (it was either Sandra Lee or Miranda Devine) was talking about it in her column. 

‘‘Without warning she gave away the ending.

‘‘She told us whose gravestone it was, and who was actually looking at it in the beginning of the movie, when, in the actual movie, you don’t find out until the end which of the blokes was visiting the cemetery, and which was the one buried there.’’

That’s an epic spoiler.

A perhaps tongue-in-cheek Paul Adams says a mate spoiled Titanic.

‘‘Before I went to see it he told me that the ship hit an iceberg and sunk at the end,’’ says Paul. 

‘‘I never would have seen that coming.’’


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