LETTER: Pass the bag, not the buck

I AM involved in the planned Clean Up Australia group that will attempt to remove some or most of the accumulated rubbish throughout the mangroves and along the foreshores of Carrington and Linwood.

 Given the state of the mangroves at the moment, I doubt that one attempt will be enough. A friend recently took the boardwalk route and said that there was ‘‘everything in the way of rubbish in there, including the kitchen sink!’’

A great walk and potentially wonderful experience spoiled by people’s carelessness and laziness.

Having lived here for seven years, apart from the annual Clean Up Australia I cannot remember any more than one occasion when the mangroves were cleaned by someone other than volunteers.

Residents have at numerous times tried to track down the responsible authority to have the rubbish removed, remove trolleys from the creek or simply ask them for assistance but found themselves on the never-ending telephone merry-go-round.

 Maintenance of this area requires less passing the buck and more co-operation.

If the locals are prepared to roll up their sleeves and their trouser legs on Sunday March 3 (not Sunday February 24 as stated by a Newcastle City Council spokesperson) then let’s see representatives of Hunter Water, Newcastle Port Corporation, NCC, NSW Roads and Maritime Services and the Catchment Managements Authority joining us to wade through the mud and mangroves to empty them of the rubbish.

While many hands make light work, the co-operation and assistance of these government authorities would work wonders. Instead of passing the buck, try passing a full rubbish bag to the bank for collection.

 Alison Gilson,



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