TOPICS:  ‘Rent’ costly for teacher

QUIZZED: Millionaire Hot Seat host Eddie McGuire.
QUIZZED: Millionaire Hot Seat host Eddie McGuire.

THE musical Rent isn’t for everyone, and Bonnie Rae might never want to see it. It’s cost her a bundle of money. 

Ms Rae teaches English and history at Mayfield’s San Clemente High, and was on NBN’s Millionaire Hot Seat last Friday.

Her first question was about the Arafura Sea between Australia and Indonesia. We wouldn’t have got that. Ms Rae did, and secured $1000.

Alas, the next one was about Rent. For $50,000, which opera was it based on? Ms Rae bowed out.

‘‘I didn’t know, but I’ll never forget it now because it cost me $50,000,’’ Ms Rae told Topics.

San Clemente students were abuzz on Monday morning with talk of their teacher’s game show cameo.

‘‘A lot of them had their nans ring them and say ‘‘your teacher’s on TV’’, which was sweet,’’ she said.

For future reference, if you ever bump into Eddie McGuire and he asks you which opera Rent was based on, the answer is Puccini’s La bohème.

Hat cam to curb abuse

  We can’t stop thinking about Ashleigh Scriven’s letter, and not because it’s about anything remarkable. What she describes is all too familiar.

Ms Scriven had just finished a run in King Edward Park when some mental giants on their Ps roared past, honking and yelling sexist abuse. The giants made three passes.

Firstly, we’re sorry it happened. We’ve copped abuse while running (for example, ‘‘get a car, d*ckhead’’, which we quickly decided wasn’t a sales pitch), but the calls aimed at women have a nastier edge.

People’s first reaction is often ‘‘take down their plates and call the cops’’, but that’s hard to do in the heat of the moment.

So what’s the answer?

Perhaps we should look to Russia, where it emerged after this month’s meteor explosion that everyone has a dashboard camera.

That’s because hit-and-run crashes are common, and so are insurance scams.

The latter involves pedestrians apparently throwing themselves on car bonnets and lying down, pretending to be hurt.

Which is why, if we had the nous, we’d invent a hat-mounted camera for joggers. Cyclists could wear it on their helmets.

Have you, dear reader, copped abuse from a passing car? What kind of solution would you like to see?

Reunion date wrong

 Confession time. We have corrections to make.

We said last week the reunion of Newcastle beach girls was tomorrow. It’s actually on March5. If you’re a former beach girl, you can find out more on 0421921353.

And yesterday’s Text was from Colossians, not Galatians as we claimed. As instructed, we’ve said three Hail Marys.

NFL video game hex

 The curse of being the face of the NRL continues.

Before Ben Barba struck controversy prior to this season’s launch, the same happened with Benji Marshall, Todd Carney and Brett Stewart.

But that sequence is nothing compared to what’s known in the US as ‘‘the Madden curse’’.

Since American footballers started appearing on the cover of the Madden NFL video game in 1999, nearly all of them have suffered serious injury, loss of form or brushes with the law.

The highest-profile case was star quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons Michael Vick. 

Soon after appearing on the cover of Madden 2004, Vick broke his fibula in a preseason game and his team missed the play-offs.

Three years later, Vick was implicated in an illegal dog-fighting ring and sent to prison for 21 months.


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