Maitland recreation area plans

AN OLD quarry on the Hunter River at Maitland is likely to be transformed into a modern recreation area with potential for bicycle riding, musical performances and picnics.

What’s known as Baker’s brickyard quarry at Raworth has been selected as a preferred site for the new area that will service residents in the suburb, east of Maitland.

Maitland Council’s meeting tonight is expected to approve redevelopment plans by EPIC Landscape Architects.

They include a flying fox, tree planting, a possible off-leash dog area and other elements based around the environment and adventure play.

The council estimates the project will cost more than $300,000 and the community will get a say on the final design.

The council chose the site for its size, its proximity to a planned bicycle route between East Maitland and Morpeth and because Raworth had only one council play area for a population of more than 1200 residents.

The Raworth play area is described as a future ‘‘play hub’’ for the area.

The area is the location of Baker’s Siding, a rail spur that serviced Baker’s Brickyard on Morpeth Road.

It is not heritage-listed but the landmark warrants some recognition, the council said.

If the council approves the plans, they will be submitted for community consultation before work on the redevelopment begins.