TOPICS: Rise of dash-cam

SMILE: Glasses can come fitted with cameras for surveillance.
SMILE: Glasses can come fitted with cameras for surveillance.


 CAMPAIGN: Labor and Greens’ stands were side by side in Hamilton at the Food and Wine Festival last Sunday.

CAMPAIGN: Labor and Greens’ stands were side by side in Hamilton at the Food and Wine Festival last Sunday.

TAKING a stand against those who yell abuse from cars, Topics suggested fitting every jogger and cyclist with a camera.

You know, like how Russian motorists have dash-cams to collect evidence of hit-run drivers. Alas, Zenon is  from Newcastle and says it’s been done.

‘‘Just Google ‘glasses with built-in camera’ and you will find many sites offering these,’’ says Zenon.

‘‘Just when we think we have thought of something unique we find that someone else has already thought of it, designed it, manufactured it and is offering it for sale.’’

Quite. Like the time in year 3 we ‘invented’ shoes with wheels and told the whole class. Oh, how they laughed.

Kerry Wand, meanwhile, was running with her dog near the Cowrie Hole, Newcastle Beach when she yelled at someone.

‘‘What happened was my usually very well-behaved dog baulked at a wave washing onto the footpath and collided with an older lady,’’ says Ms Wand. 

‘‘The woman was very angry.’’

A brief yelling match ensued, and Ms Wand regrets her part in it.

‘‘I would just like to say I am very sorry – she was nearly knocked by the dog and it must have given her quite a fright.’’

A heartening tale

EVER wonder how it feels to have a transplanted heart? As in, a whole new ticker? Pretty big deal, right?

Graeme Martyn, featured in yesterday’s Herald, had a transplant a dozen years ago when he was 50.

After the operation, he says he felt like he had no heart in his chest, after so many years putting up with the thunderous pumping of a dodgy one. 

He also found a sudden urge to eat sweets.

‘‘I never had a sweet tooth at all,’’ Mr Martyn says. 

‘‘I wouldn’t eat chocolate, I wouldn’t eat cake. I blame my donor for that.’’

Squeaky campaign

A READER’S photo suggests the Greens’ break-up with federal Labor doesn’t rule out a de facto living arrangement. 

Or at least, it didn’t at the Hamilton Food and Wine Festival on Sunday.

The parties’ stands stood cheek by jowl on Beaumont Street. 

Liberal candidate Jamie Abbott was safely down the southern end of the street, where a busker was wailing Cat Stevens’s Father and Son.

On our stroll past the festival, Topics witnessed a potential campaign star for Labor candidate Sharon Claydon. The lad, who looked about 12, received a ‘‘Vote 1, Sharon Claydon’’ balloon, which he untied to inhale its helium.

‘‘Vote 1, Sharon Claydon,’’ he squeaked. After that, every kid wanted one.

Viscount’s visit

IS it just us, or has Christopher Monckton’s trip to Newcastle not had the attention it deserves?

Lord Monckton spoke at Souths Leagues Club last night, but we only knew that from a brief in yesterday’s Herald. On the club’s website, the evening’s advertised line-up was ‘‘4pm - 6pm: Happy Hour, 7pm: Euchre’’.

The club said it was a private function and referred us to Lord Monckton’s website, but we wonder if the visiting viscount peaked too early this tour.

In Canberra a fortnight ago he was keynote speaker at the launch of the Rise Up Australia party whose leader, the Reverend Daniel Nalliah, you might remember. He’s the guy who blamed Victoria’s Black Saturday bushfires on abortion. Perhaps that line-up  was bound to overshadow a Tuesday night spot at a leagues club.

PEAKING TOO SOON?: Lord Christopher Monckton

PEAKING TOO SOON?: Lord Christopher Monckton


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