Will Ja'mie be gilding Lilley's new series?

Ruth 'Gran' Sims in <i>Angry Boys</i>.
Ruth 'Gran' Sims in Angry Boys.

With speculation brewing that Chris Lilley's new comedy project could be a vehicle for the character of Gran Sims, there are now whispers spoilt, private schoolgirl Ja'ime King may join her.

Gran, played by Lilley, is the prison officer grandmother of twins Daniel and Nathan Sims. She made her first appearance in Lilley's last series, Angry Boys.

Ja'mie King, a high school student who was an over-achieving teen-aged nominee for Australian of the Year, appeared in both We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High.

The ABC confirmed filming has begun on the series last week.

Six half-hour episodes have been commissioned by the ABC and its co-production partner, the US premium cable channel HBO.

But details are sketchy on the project, except for two interesting details that have emerged in the last week.

One of the filming locations secured for the series is the site used to film Gran's scenes in Angry Boys. That has fuelled speculation that Gran Sims may feature in the series.

Fairfax understands a second location has been secured, a Melbourne secondary school site, prompting speculation that Lilley's best-known school student, Ja'ime King, could appear.

If both characters appear, it is possible Lilley is planning to deliver an "all-star" series, pulling in two of his most popular creations.

One of Lilley's leitmotifs is taking one character from a preceding program and building them into a new show.

The series will air in Australia later this year.

It has been pre-sold to the UK digital channel BBC Three.

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