Child killer’s parole refused

CHILD killer Christopher Leigh Compton will face the Court of Criminal Appeal next week, after the NSW Parole Authority refused to release him eight years after he attacked a baby girl.

Compton, 38, told a series of lies and never revealed how the girl suffered a fatal head injury in a Lake Macquarie home in January, 2005.

He eventually told police that he punched the girl in the stomach ‘‘hard, but not that hard’’ a couple of times, but he always denied causing the head wound. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the ground of substantial impairment due to his drug use and mental health and was jailed in 2008 for a minimum of five years and nine months, with a total sentence of nine years.

That non-parole period expired on Tuesday, but the parole authority declined to release him.

Compton lodged an appeal that has been listed for mention next week, but the Herald understands  Compton has since been granted a review of the authority’s decision.

The sentencing judge, Acting Justice Timothy Studdert, refused to find that Compton had good prospects of rehabilitation and noted that Compton had shown no contrition or remorse.

Compton didn’t begin serving the sentence for the killing until after he had served a shorter sentence for assault, while his criminal record was littered with violent offences, Justice Studdert noted.

The baby suffered numerous injuries including bruising to the head and body, skull damage, a haemorrhage in the right eye and heavy internal bruising to her body.

A forensic pathologist found that the injuries could not have been inflicted by accident.

Compton used drugs on the night of the attack and had spent the afternoon trying to organise a drug purchase over the phone.

He was angry and aggressive that afternoon and evening as he ‘‘came down’’ from his drug use, the court heard.

He discovered the child the next morning and said she ‘‘doesn’t look right’’.

Paramedics were unable to revive her.

He initially tried to get others to provide an alibi for him, including trying to get a friend to lie to police about telephone conversations the pair had.

Compton eventually told detectives that he couldn’t handle the baby’s crying.