LETTER: Act will lead to  more pet deaths 

REGARDING the push to have licences for companion animals (‘‘Annual pet register’’ Herald 26/3), when I received  the last of my three inside cats, they had to be vaccinated, desexed, micro-chipped and you had to pay for a one-off lifetime companionship licence, which was all that was required of me at that time. 

 If this new act is brought in, people will have to pay for a licence each year.

I feel a lot of animals will suffer due to the fact that their owners will find they are unable to afford to keep them.  Some single, aged pensioners   spend more on their animals’ welfare and food than on themselves.

 People are now complaining that shelters are having to destroy so many animals, but if this law goes through it will mean so many more will have to be handed in. 

  Joan Cannon,



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