Dad allegedly fractured baby son's ribs 

A PORT Stephens man who allegedly burned and bruised his baby boy will face a trial after allegedly making a series of admissions to authorities, court documents stated.

The father, who cannot be identified, was committed for trial on Wednesday on two counts of recklessly causing grievous bodily harm.

His wife, who is also facing charges, had her case adjourned.

The father is accused of inflicting a series of injuries including haemorrhages, fractured ribs and bruises to his son when the boy was only a couple of weeks old, police statements said.

The couple had three children, but one died of sudden infant death syndrome in 2010 before the boy was born at the end of 2011.

The boy suffered a seizure and the parents were urged to take him to hospital, which they did in December 2011.

A scan revealed haemorrhaging near the brain while other injuries were detected such as bruises to the ear, eyelid, abdomen, heel and an indentation on the forehead.

An MRI scan showed significant haemorrhaging consistent with being shaken, a statement said.

The parents were interviewed by social workers, medical staff  and police before the boy and a sibling were removed from their parents’ care by the Department of Family and Community Services.

When questioned about the indentation on the forehead, which experts say was a burn that healed, the father allegedly said the boy’s head struck a light globe when the father was ‘‘swinging’’ the child to try and settle him.

An expert told police the globe would not generate enough heat to create the burn.

Both the mother and the father told authorities  the fractured ribs were caused by the father falling on top of the child while carrying him.

The fractures appeared to be at least two weeks old, according to experts, but neither parent sought medical attention for the baby.

The father will face Newcastle District Court next week.