LETTER: Nothing has changed

I WONDER if any of our civic fathers have ever visited Ballarat or Bendigo.

These are both beautiful cities with wonderful art galleries and excellent cafes –  galleries that were funded mainly by the earlier gold mining. 

Mine owners and a government were happy to contribute to this civic development.

Coal has been taken through Newcastle for the last 200 years and unfortunately there is little to show for it –  due mainly to selfish mine owners and a thoughtless state government.

In the past we thought that this was due to us being considered a safe Labor seat. 

As a result we decided it was time for a change and voted in the Liberals. 

Sadly nothing has changed. They now think we are a safe Liberal seat and should continue to be ignored.

On the one hand we hear the government boasting of the hundreds of millions they are about to  spend on improving Sydney’s galleries and museums, along with extensions to their rail systems.

But in Newcastle, we are told the government has no money – so let’s forget about the art gallery and rip out the rail. 

Why can’t some of the millions being spent in Sydney be spent here?


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