LETTER: Art gallery for everyone

THERE is an opinion being given oxygen that art galleries are for the elite.

That if you are a real, fair-dinkum, salt-of-the-earth member of our community, you really would prefer to  go to the footy, go to the track, race cars and spend your leisure time in a pub, watching large-screen replays of all of the above. 

Not true. The quiet streets of suburbia are populated by the many who are nourished and uplifted by all forms of art.

 Their lives are enhanced by the beautiful, the sometimes inexplicable and the challenging. They marvel at the ideas and history behind the painting, the juxtaposition of the sculpture in its environment, the technique and detail of observation in the created piece of art.  

Newcastle possesses an art gallery of huge significance to our city and our nation.  

The curators over the years have toiled to collect, preserve, display, share and inform. 

It has always been a battle for support and funding, and we are at the turning point in our city’s art gallery’s history. 

 We demand that our governments, on every level, recognise the need  to preserve the work of the past, build on the present energy and allow our art gallery to grow and continue to be that beacon of enrichment for every man.  

The  state government, after the sale of the Port Botany container facility last week, has  $5billion in its coffers. Where is the City of Newcastle’s share in this windfall? 

What are you doing about lobbying for some largesse, Tim Owen and Jeff McCloy?


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