Woman not guilty of sex with teens

SHE told a court about having regular group sex with teenage boys, multiple sexual encounters in her bathroom and toilet, and how she ‘‘willingly’’ engaged in oral sex with four teenage boys she barely knew.

‘‘Group sex is like a party atmosphere,’’ the Central Coast mother of three told a Gosford District Court trial after she was charged with multiple child sex offences involving four teenagers.

But Judge Roy Ellis, in a judge-alone trial, found the woman not guilty of all charges after accepting she made an honest and reasonable mistake about the boys’ ages, and believed they were over 18 rather than under 16.

The woman, 39, who cannot be identified, gave hours of candid evidence about sex with teenagers, many known to police, in the home she shared with her children until she was charged in 2011.

Asked how many times she had had sex with a teenager she believed was 19, but was only 15, who later complained of his fears she was becoming ‘‘obsessed’’ with him, the woman told the court: ‘‘I’m going to say a lot.’’

Asked if she remembered having sex with the teenager in a bathroom on Australia Day 2011, the woman told the court she couldn’t remember having sex with him on that day, ‘‘but we have had sex in a bathroom’’.

The woman agreed she bought shoes, food, items of clothing, cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana for one teenager, but denied she was trying to manipulate the teenager or others by purchasing them.

She told the court she sent her primary school age daughter to the teenager with a note saying, ‘‘You can pop up I’m not having people over tonight’’, when she had had only brief contact with him.

She told the court the teenager arrived at her house with three other ‘‘big lads’’ she believed were 18, 19 or 20 – ‘‘big enough to be smoking cigarettes, put it that way’’.

Within half an hour the teenagers had ‘‘propositioned’’ her to engage in oral sex, she said.

Asked how she responded, the woman said: ‘‘I’m like a happy person, so part of me is like in shock, part of me is flattered, part of me is thinking it’s funny, and part of me is considering it.’’

She told the court the act of performing oral sex on the first teenager was ‘‘quick’’ and ‘‘followed by the other, followed by the other’’ to include the other three teenagers, with ‘‘no significant gaps in between’’.

‘‘You obviously willingly partook in these particular acts?’’ she was asked.

‘‘Yes,’’ she told the court.

Asked what happened next, the woman said: ‘‘Just more chit-chat, more small talk. I’m not comfortable unless my company is comfortable, so there’s no weirdness at all, it’s just back into chit-chat.’’

The woman’s children were taken into state care after complaints from neighbours and repeated police calls to her home, which was described by police as ‘‘some type of party house for local young children’’.