Bachelor Tim on the lookout for love

NEWCASTLE-raised chiropractor Tim Robards is looking for love as the star of the hit series, The Bachelor Australia.

The 30-year-old, who grew up in Elermore Vale before moving to Sydney seven years ago, has been picked as the star of the Australian version of the show that debuts on screens tomorrow night.

Robards is halfway through filming the series but is forbidden from watching any of the episodes that go to air until the show is complete.

"We're still going with the filming so I still haven't found that special one yet and they don't want anything to influence my decision," Robards said.

The show pairs one chosen bachelor with 25 females looking for love who embark on a series of romantic dates in the hope of finding true love.

Robards will gradually narrow the field by giving a single red rose to the contestants he wants to get to know better before eventually choosing one.

A former Lambton High student, Robards is keeping a level head about the experience.

"I don't put the pressure on myself at all to get engaged at the end of this," Robards said.

"Realistically, you need to see what the person is like in real life before you make that decision."

Robards, who also works as a model, signed up for The Bachelor after being approached by the show's producers.

The self-confessed romantic described his ideal women as someone who resonated with his own values.

"My first main value is love, number two is someone who is honest and trusting, number three is someone who has great family values and number four is someone who is up for fun and adventure."

The Bachelor Australia debuts on Southern Cross Ten tomorrow at 7.30pm.

ROMANTIC: Former Lambton High student Tim Robards is the star of The Bachelor Australia.

ROMANTIC: Former Lambton High student Tim Robards is the star of The Bachelor Australia.